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Chile 2007 – Shorebird Project Team


Larry Niles PhD is the Chief Biologist with the Conserve Wildlife Foundation and former chief of the NJ Endangered Species Program. He has led expeditions to the Arctic and Tierra del Fuego for the last 7 years. He co-leads this expedition with Amanda Dey.

Amanda Dey PhD is a Senior Biologist with NJ Endangered Species Program, Shorebird Project Leader for NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife’s Endangered and Nongame Sepcies Program, and co-leader of the Expedition. This is her fifth Tierra del Fuego expedition.

Humphrey Sitters PhD is with the International Wader Study Group, Edits the Wader Study Group Bulletin, and is vice-chair of the British Trust for Ornithology. He has taken part in expeditions throughout the world, this is his fifth to Tierra del Fuego.

Mark Peck Bird Curator and biologist with Royal Ontario Museum has also taken part in expeditions throughout the world, it is his 7th to Tierra del Fuego.

Steve Gates Volunteer and veteran of 5 expeditions to the Arctic and Tierra del Fuego.

Ricardo Matus runs a nature tourism business in Punta Arenas, Chile, and with his wife Olivia Blank a veterinarian, conducts bird-related investigations in Tierra del Fuego, including the first report to alert the Chilean Government, and the conservation community, to the importance of Bahia Lomas for wintering shorebirds.

Carmen Espoz PhD is a professor at the Universidad de Santo Thomas in Santiago, Chile, and has been conducting field studies in Bahia Lomas for five years. She has led a number of graduate students working on Bahia Lomas including Gabriella Gonzalez and Sergio Urrejola who carried out research projects this year.

Allison Argo is a film producer and Andrew Young a photographer working on a film documentary the red knot migration for the PBS program Nature.

Brad Andres PhD coordinates the US Fish and Wildlife Service Shorebird Program and has done extensive field work in the Alaskan Arctic. He has co-led work on Hudsonian Godwit and Whimbrel on Chiloe Island in Chile for the last two years.

Jim Johnson is a biologist with the US Fish and Wildlife Service investigating Arctic-breeding shorebirds in Alaska and leads the investigation on Hudsonian Godwit and Whimbrel migrating to Chiloe and Bahia Lomas, Chile.

Jorge Valenzuela carries out studies of all the birds of Chiloe Island and with his partner Daniella works to conserve sites important to shorebirds.

Luis Espinosa is a retired high school teachers from Puerto Mott and has done long-term studies of Hudonsian Godwit on Chiloe. He has also taken part in four Tierra del Fuego expeditions on Bahia Lomas.