Expeditions and Travels, Tierra Del Fuego

Expedition to Tierra del Fuego – January 27, 2002


To bed at 12:00 midnight, we were all out on the flats by 6:30 a.m. monitoring movements and scanning roosting birds. With virtually no wind, all birds were roosting out at the tide’s edge. We made our way out to the flock of 5,000 knots and 10,000 godwits, and Mandy and Brad scanned 10 birds with bands, 7 from Delaware Bay. It was very exciting that they also sighted a green flagged hudsonian godwit. The flag indicates the birds was banded in North American, but no one on our team knew of any banding on godwits we need to do some investigation.

Lawrence J. Niles, PhD
Chief, NJ Endangered Species Program