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Lawrence J. Niles

LJ Niles Associates

(908) 303-3843

[email protected]


(a) Professional Preparation

Pennsylvania State University              Zoology                                   B.S       1973

Pennsylvania State University              Wildlife Management               M.S      1976

Rutgers University                               Ecology and Evolution                        Ph.D.  1996


(b) Appointments

2006 – Present              Chief Biologist, Conserve Wildlife Foundation of New Jersey

1992 – 2006                 Chief, NJ Dept. of Environ. Protection, Endangered Species Program

1982 – 1992                 Biologist, NJ Dept. of Environ. Protection, Endangered Species Program

1977 – 1982                 Biologist, Georgia Department of Natural Resources


(c) Selected Publications – Related

Niles, L. J., A. D. Dey, and B. Maslo.  2014.  Overexploitation of marine species and its consequences for terrestrial biodiversity along coasts; Pages 347-368, In:  B. Maslo and J. Lockwood, Eds.; Coastal Conservation, Conservation Biology 19, Cambridge University Press.

Niles, L.J., J. Burger, R.R. Porter, A.D. Dey, C.D.T. Minton, P.M. Gonzalez, A.J. Baker, J.W. Fox, and C. Gordon.  2010.  First results using light level geolocators to track Red Knots in the Western Hemisphere show rapid and long intercontinental flights and new details of migration pathways.  Wader Study Group Bulletin 117(2):123-130.

Niles, L.J., J. Bart, H. P. Sitters, A.D. Dey, K.E. Clark, P. W. Atkinson, A.J. Baker, K.A. Bennett, K. S. Kalasz, N. A. Clark, J. Clark, S. Gillings, A. S. Gates, P. M. Gonzalez, D. E. Hernandez, C. D. T. Minton, R. I. G. Morrison, R. R. Porter, R. K. Ross, and C. R. Veitch.  2009. Effects of Horseshoe Crab Harvest in Delaware Bay on Red Knots: Are Harvest Restrictions Working? Bioscience 59:153-164.

Niles, L. J., H. P. Sitters, A. D. Dey, P. W. Atkinson, A. J. Baker, K. A. Bennett, R. Carmona, K. E. Clark, N. A. Clark, C. Espoz, P. M. Gonzalez, B. A. Harrington, D. E. Hernandez, D. S. Kalasz, R. G. Lathrop, R. N. Matus, C. D. T. Minton, R. I. G. Morrison, M. K. Peck, W. Pitts, R. A. Robinson, and I. L. Serrano. 2008. Status of the Red Knot (Calidris canutus rufa) in the Western Hemisphere. Studies in Avian Biology No. 36.

Baker, A. J., P. M. Gonzalez, T. Piersma, L. J. Niles, I. de Lima Serrano do Nascimento,W. Atkinson, N. A. Clark, C. D. T. Minton, M. K. Peck, and G. Aarts. 2004. Rapid population decline in red knots:  Fitness consequences of decreased refueling rates and late arrival in Delaware Bay.  Proc. R. Soc. Lond. B vol. 271(1541): 875-882.


Selected Publications – Other

McKellar A. E., R. K. Ross, R. I. G. Morrison, J. Burger, L. J. Niles, R. R. Porter, A. Dey and P. A. Smith.  2015. Shorebird use of western Hudson Bay near the Nelson River during migration, with a focus on the Red Knot.  Wader Study 122(3): 201-211.

Niles, L, J. Burger, A. Dey and J. Van de Kam.  2012. Life Along the Delaware Bay: Cape May, Gateway to a Million Shorebirds. 176 pages. Rutgers University Press.

McGowan, C. P., D. R. Smith, J. A. Sweka, J. Margin, J. D. Nichols, R. Wong. J. E. Lyons, L. J. Niles, K. Kalasz, J. Brust, M. Klopfer, B. Spear.  2011.   Multispecies modeling for adaptive management of horseshoe crabs and red knots in the Delaware Bay.  Natural Resource Modeling 24(1):117-156.

Krauss. S., D. E. Stallknecht, N. J. Negovetich, L. J. Niles, R. J. Webby, and Robert G. Webster.  2010.  Coincident ruddy turnstone migration and horseshoe crab spawning creates an ecological ‘hot spot’ for influenza viruses.  Proc. R. Soc. B 2010 (277): 3373–3379.

Morrison, R. I. G., R. K. Ross, L. J. Niles.  2004.  Declines in wintering populations of red knots in southern South America.  The Condor 106(1):60-70.


(d) Synergistic Activities


Other Affiliations or Boards: US Shorebird Council (1996-present); Western Hemisphere Shorebird Reserve Network – Council Member (1997-present)

My Graduate and Thesis Advisors:  Robert Anthony (Masters, Penn. State);  J. Burger (Doctoral, Rutgers Univ.), Burt Murray (deceased), David Dobkin (High Desert Ecol. Research Inst.), James Applegate (Retired).



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