French Guiana

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Hunting Shorebirds


I owe my carreer to the sport of hunting.  As a young man, barely 12 year old, my father and I hunted pheasants, squirrels, rabbits and deer.   I have to say for my part mostly without success ( my father was a much better hunter),  but i will always remember the thrill of the hunt, the profund experience of killing an animal and satisfaction of eating my valued prey, enjoying all over again the experience of the day.   I hunted all my life, stopping only because my career gave me other ways of pursuing animals,  now it is…

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The Mystery of French Guiana


Most of what I know about French Guiana comes from movies about Devils Island, the notorious Caribbean Island prison where the French housed their most heinous criminals.  But now, with funds from the Canadian Widlife Service and the Neotropical Bird Conservation Act, Yves Aubry (CWS) Amanda Dey ( NJ Fish and Wildlife) Steve Gates will learn much more as we investigate the mystery of migratory red knots and ruddy turnstones in this Caribbean nation. Why French Guiana?  First the Caribbean Coast of this province of the French Government includes some of the best coastal habitat for migratory shorebirds in northern…

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