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On the Birds and Boats of Brazil


Previous Post Birds and Boats I am a biologist that loves the birds and boats of northern Brazil. For good reason. In addition to the enormous bird diversity inherent in all tropical environments, the northern coast of Brazil in the states of Para and Maranhao stands out as one of the most important shorebird wintering areas in the western hemisphere.  It’s an amazingly vast area of mostly unpopulated beaches, intertidal sand and mud flats and mangrove forests. This ecological wonder also produces an abundance of fish and shellfish, on which the birds depend.  It also supports a network of traditional…

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Australia Road Trip – 80 Mile Beach 155 miles long


Previous Post Oriental Plovers (foreground) and Grey-tailed Tattlers on 80 Mile Beach   We left Broome, successful to the extent that we had caught over a 1,000 birds, with sufficient samples of a number of species and few mortalities. It was a remarkable feat considering the heat. Clive, Chris and Roz along with Pru and Maureen helped the team members increase their skills while also making bold and decisive actions to catch then and care for all the birds. As usual, success depends on persistence. One could look upon the thousands of shorebirds at Roebuck Bay and conclude that dropping…

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Australia Road Trip Katherine Gorge All to Ourselves 2007


Previous Post Nourlangie, a outlier of the Arnhem Land escarpment of red sandstone, in Kakadu National Park, NT After a short ride from Kakadu National Park, we pulled into the town of Katherine and, after a quick re-supply, took the paved road to Katherine Gorge National Park. The Northern Territory (an Australian state) manages the park even though it is the province of the national government. In the US, it would be like the State of NJ running Gateway National Park, or Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge. Although a consequence of the relatively recent confederation of Australian States into a national…

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Australia Road Trip Kakadu National Park 2007


Previous Post Roadside warnings about swimming near Kakadu National Park, Northern Territory, Australia We stayed Sunday night at Edith Falls National Park, just north of Katherine, and got a quick lesson in Australian ants. Our first acquaintance was at Devils Marbles. While Mandy raised the tent, I started dinner on the portable gas grill. Beneath us roamed the occasional ant. I sautéed the vegetables and grilled some meat, looked down at my feet and was surprised to see ants crossing in all directions in an area about 10 square feet. They posed no problem, so I attended to the food….

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