Expeditions and Travels, Tierra del Fuego 2004

Expedition to Tierra del Fuego – 2004: Introduction


On our fifth campaign to Tierra Del Fuego, we hope to achieve a variety of scientific and conservation goals focused on the red knot and their chief non-breeding or wintering area on Bahia Lomas. Guy Morrison and Ken Ross will continue the aerial survey of all shorebirds species along the Atlantic coast of Argentina and the Chilean coast of the Straits of Magellan. Our main team, composed of Chilean, Argentine, Dutch, Canadian and American biologists, will conduct several projects including red knot capture and banding, foraging efficiency, and invertebrate prey inventory. Concurrently, we will continue our effort to assist Chilean officials at the provincial and national level in their efforts to seek international recognition of Bahia Lomas, where over 80% of the Western Hemisphere’s red knot population winters.

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