Chiloe Island

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Chile 2007 – Shorebird Project Team


Larry Niles PhD is the Chief Biologist with the Conserve Wildlife Foundation and former chief of the NJ Endangered Species Program. He has led expeditions to the Arctic and Tierra del Fuego for the last 7 years. He co-leads this expedition with Amanda Dey. Amanda Dey PhD is a Senior Biologist with NJ Endangered Species Program, Shorebird Project Leader for NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife’s Endangered and Nongame Sepcies Program, and co-leader of the Expedition. This is her fifth Tierra del Fuego expedition. Humphrey Sitters PhD is with the International Wader Study Group, Edits the Wader Study Group Bulletin,…

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Chile 2007 Catching Godwits and Whimbrels on Chileo Island


Previous Post With a good catch of Hudsonian Godwits, we had satisfied one of the goals of the Chiloe part of our expedition. Whimbrels proved to more elusive. Problems arose with our two small cannons that threw relatively light projectiles which lost momentum quickly when fired into the wind, even if the wind was not very strong. They were of a different design to those we now use in the US, weighting far less, with less power even though they use more powder. Six years ago, we took these cannons to Chile because they were lighter and easier to transport….

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Chile 2007 – Chiloe Island, A Shorebird Paradise


The moment we stepped out of the plane on Friday 2/3, we knew Chiloe Island would be the exact opposite of Bahia Lomas. The warm air carried by a gently breeze smelled of lush vegetation and the sea. Jorge Valenzuela, a Chilean grad student and Luis Espinosa a retired Chilean teacher met us at Puerto Montt airport. Both have done extensive work on shorebirds on Chiloe Island and are familiar with its birds and landscape. After a short drive from the airport, and a ferry ride to Anclud we were on our way to Castro, a small city which is…

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